Comparison Betwen Shark NV501 vs NV502

Like many are you slightly confused over the differences in the 500 series shark rotator professional liftaway NV501 series vacuum cleaners? If so, this comparison guide comparing the shark NV501 vs NV502 will detail all the differences between the shark vacuum cleaners. You can actually see straight away what the variations are amongst the models from the comparison table I have draw up just below.

So as you can see from the table below, the actual vacuum cleaner — the Shark Rotator Professional lift away doesn’t actually change, the quality vacuum design & high functioning suction performance is exactly the same in the entire NV500 series (you can actually see the design of the vacuum is identical throughout the amazon elements — there’s a table of the specs just above).


All that changes between the NV501 vs NV502 is what Shark components, tools and attachments come with it — that is where the distinction lies between them.

Hence, as you might have expected there are no real big variations between them, all in truth.

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